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Fire and Health and Safety Specialists

Your partner in making your working environment safer

Fire safety

Fire is a major cause of business failure and has the potential to cause immense disruption to your business and could lose you your position in the market place.

There are, on average, over 37000 fires in United Kingdom workplaces and every year over 600 people die as a result of fire.

Health and safety

Similarly, a lack of safe systems is a major cause of business failure. Also, ineffective or poor safety management has the potential to cause lose of position in the market place, business revenue and affect staff safety.

For 1999 The Trade Union Congress reported that 28,114 workers were injured and 258 died. In the under 25's there were 3,844 injured and 21 died.

You should protect your staff, your business and yourself.

You should start by being certain that your premises safety arrangements and staff's training are correct.

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